Co Monaghan Badminton Association

Monaghan Badminton Association

Scoring System

Please click here to download a guide to the new scoring system

Points Value

Any player wishing to play in League or Knockout Cup games must be affiliated to the Association at the AGM at the start of the year.  Players may not be entered into the league without prior consent from the Committee.  All players will receive a points value, determined by either Committee members or an appointed member from a registered club.

 The Player Points Values are as follows:

  • Novice         7 - 9 points    (A team of 4 may not exceed 36 points in total)
  • Minor C      10-12 points   (A team of 4 may not exceed 48 points in total)
  • Minor B      13-15 points   (A team of 4 may not exceed 60 points in total)

A team may play one player from a higher grade at the lowest point providing the combined team points does not exceed the allowance as stated above, e.g. One Minor C player graded at 10 points may play on a Novice team as long as another player graded at 7 or 8 points plays so that the team does not exceed 36 points in total.

Mixed Teams

A mixed team will consist of one mens doubles, one ladies doubles and two mixed doubles.  The order in which the mixed doubles must be played is such that the combined total for the second mixed does not exceed the combined total for the first mixed, it may be equal in points, but may not exceed.  Where a substitute is used in a game, their points must be used to determine which mixed game they must play.

4 Person Teams

As the title suggests, this team is made up of 4 people, this can be any combination of men or women, but must be within the team points limit.  This Team will also play 4 games like the Mixed Team.

The first combination must be a higher combination points-wise than the second or third combination listed, but the third combination may be higher than the second.  The 4 people on the team must play in both halves of the game (i.e. 1st & 2nd / 3rd & 4th), such that the player with the most points does not play first and second and so on.

Please see below for an example of this:

Player A = 13 points, Player B = 12 points, Player C = 12 points, Player D = 11 points.

The following combination can be played based on these points shown above:


 1st Team

 Player A & Player B (13 + 12 Points) Total Points 25

Total combination must be equal or higher than team 2&3

 2nd Team

 Player C & Player D (12 + 11 Points) Total Points 23 

Total combination must not exceed Team 1 or 3

 3rd Team

 Player A & Player D (13 + 11 Points) Total Points 24

Total combination must be equal or lower than Team 1

 4th Team

 Player B & Player C (12 + 12 Points) Total Points 24 

Total combination must be lower or equal to Team 3

According to these values Combination of either A&B or A&C must be played as the first team. Player A could not play with Player D as the first team, because player A would have to play with either B or C in the third game, and this combination of points would be higher than A&D in the first game.

New for 2010/2011
If a woman wishes to play on a 4 person team, she may play on the team at 1 point lower than she is graded.  For example:  A lady who is on 10 points on the grading list, may play on a Novice 4 Person team as 9 points, and where this occurs, that same team may also play a man graded at 10 points on the same night.  (A lady on 11 points may play as 10 points but no other 10 point male may play on the same night on this Novice 4 Person Team)