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How to read results tables:

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Look in the end column to see total points for the corresponding team.

For individual match results the figure on the left relates to games won by the home team and the figure on the right are games won by the away team

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Depending on the number of entries into the league, each section will have 2 leagues, one for mixed teams (2 men and 2 women), and one for 4 person teams (any combination of men and women).

In the 4 person competition, ladies may play at 1 point lower than they are graded at.  This does not apply to the mixed competition.

Where one club wishes to enter two teams into the same league competition they must have enough players to cover for both teams, as each team is treated as a separate entity.  The only exception is that substitutes may play for either team.  Full team lists must be submitted at the start of the season