Co Monaghan Badminton Association

Monaghan Badminton Association


The AGM of Monaghan Badminton Association took place in Derryvalley.  The re-grading of players also took place and a committee was elected as follows:

Chairperson: Walter Rountree
Vice-Chair: Robert Boyd
Secretary: Patrick Hand
Treasurer: Roberta Hamilton
League Secretary: Darren Gilliland


Fixtures Meeting for the 2018/2019 season will take place on Thursday 1st November at 8pm in Derryvalley.


Players must be graded by the committee before they play.

Players should take note of rule 27A: Ladies may play as 1 point lower than their designated value as part of a 4-Person team, e.g. On a Minor C 4-Person Team 2 men on 12 points and 2 ladies on 13 points would all play as 12 points.  (This does not apply to Mixed Teams)



Results sheets must be sent to the League Secretary:
Darren Gilliland

You may submit a result for the website by emailing, however this on its own will not suffice, as playing in the wrong order combination, or playing an illegal player may result in the loss of points during the league, and this can only be checked when the result sheet has been received.


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